Giving & Enabling


Have you noticed the fine line between being a giver and being an enabler? It seems that the difference is actually determined by the receiver.

If the receiver is truly in need, they will greatly appreciate the offering and make as positive use of it as possible. In addition, they will do all they can to avoid having to take further offerings in the future. They take responsibility for their decisions and learn from their mistakes. In time, they may become the givers themselves.

However, there are those who receive the offering and it just furthers their belief that something is owed to them. They do not truly appreciate the gesture. It only serves to reinforce their belief that others are to blame and allows them to avoid taking responsibility for the decisions they have made. Their dependency only grows over time.

Unfortunately, those who are givers may be blinded as to what response the receiver is choosing to make. Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes it’s not. At some point you will have to decide if you are being a giver or an enabler depending on the responses you are receiving. Eventually, though, both should lead you to stop giving to that person, but for very different reasons.

It doesn't mean to stop being a giver, overall. We all need help at one time or another and the fact that there are givers in this world means people have decided to make a positive impact for those in need.

For that, we can all be thankful and hopeful for the future!