Life's Reminder


You know what this is? This is a reminder. This is what was left of my wife's car from an accident she was in many years ago.

It's a reminder that life is fragile. Life is temporary. Life is precious. Given this knowledge, are you prepared to live your life accordingly? I don't mean every single minute (although you can certainly try), I mean living with intention.

Whatever that intention may be is completely up to you. You! Not anyone else. If it's working through the week looking forward to the weekend, so be long as that makes you happy and I mean TRULY HAPPY. It cannot just be an escape. That's a signal that something else is going wrong in your life.

It your intention is to do great things, then go for it! As long as it makes you happy...TRULY HAPPY and not some excuse that makes you feel good for a moment, but then leaves you feeling anxious and apprehensive. Maybe you need to reevaluate what "great things" actually means to you?

There is danger lurking in the shadows that masks our true feelings about our life and if we don't dig deep to find them, we will never be happy or have the life we truly desire. This is a reminder. This can happen to you or a loved one. Don't wait for a reminder to start living the life you want. Start now!


"Change your life. Change the world. One decision at a time."


"Think More : Care More : LIVE More"